Thursday, July 28, 2016

My Windows 10 fresh install upgrade checklist

Upgrading my Windows 7 machines. I alternate installs between 2 HDD.

  1. Download all Windows 10 drivers for my hardware
  2. Download latest version of all programs for reinstall (some 40+ programs, Ninite can help with the basics)
  3. Make sure I have a copy of my Windows 7 license
  4. Run Windows 10 update tool
  5. Download Windows 10 ISO
  6. Burn ISO to DVD
  7. Upgrade to Windows 10
  8. Swap to new HDD
  9. Fresh install of Windows 10, disabling all privacy settings
  10. Install all drivers
  11. Disable remaining privacy settings
  12. Disable Fast Startup
  13. Copy over files from original HDD
  14. Uninstall preinstalled Windows 10 junk
  15. Install Winaero Tweaker
  16. Tweak things for optimal settings
  17. Install all my programs and tweak configurations everywhere

My original HDD is still there and can still be booted up in case I forgot to copy over anything. The process from start to finish takes me about 12 hours.

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