Thursday, November 4, 2010

Using the iPod Touch as a PDA

I've been sporting the stylish Palm z22 for several years now (originally purchased for $100), and its battery is beginning to fail. Would it be too much to ask for something similar at a similar price point? Apparently it is. There is only one company that still makes normal PDAs: HP with their iPaq 111 (3 times the cost!) and 211. So if I can't get a PDA, it seems Portable Media Devices (PMD) are the only alternative.

The iPod Touch almost meets the bill, but still lacks a way to properly scribble notes. Researching compatible styluses led to the BoxWave Mini stylus, which is adequate, but falls short of my 5 year old PDA's accuracy. I could settle with that, if only there was a decent case that would hold it for me. Again, I must be asking way too much because there are currently only two* (2) on the market, and they are ugly as sin.

Fine, I won't get the iPod Touch. So what's left? The Creative Zen seemed to be able to sync with MS Outlook...about 4 years ago.

If I can't get a PDA, or a PMD, I guess I could just get a stinkin' smartphone and just never activate it. Lo and behold that's not such a bad idea. The HTC Tilt and HTC Touch Diamond are both available unlocked on Newegg for not terrible prices. Plus they even have a camera that's 3x better than my cellphone's. Just wish I could try out those devices before committing $half-a-PS3 to it.

* Got my links messed up. There is one case that I really like, but it's only compatible with iPhone.

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