Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In Capitalist America, DRM messes with YOU

Suddenly had an itching to play Gears of War today for no reason. You cannot run the game with modified executable code. Please reinstall the game.Stupid #%^$@$## DRM.

Edit: Since the source of the problem is due to the unintentional expiration of the programs digital signature, which was used solely to prevent people from playing PVP with modified executables, there has been a ton of debate whether this is really DRM.

I assume most people consider DRM the new lingo for 'copy protection' (which I think was a more accurate description). This interpretation of DRM obviously does not apply to the core problem above. But given what Digital Rights Management describes (it manages your right to use their data), then I'd say this is certainly DRM. I paid for the game, but I don't get to do whatever I want with it.

On the plus side, maybe the patch they'll probably release will include at least a few other bug-fixes for this crap-tastically buggy game.

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  1. "then I'd say this is certainly DRM. I paid for the game, but I don't get to do whatever I want with it." - I mean the thing you want to do with it is just play it, right? i.e. the fundamental function of the game, the single reason you paid for it? So yeah, fail.

    I have put a paid-for DVD into my Windows machine, Windows Media Player started, some error about licenses, refused to play it. The program that came with my Sony laptop worked though.

    I put a paid-for CD into my Windows machine, all programs apart from Windows Media Player couldn't read it (VLC, iTunes) even though it works in my CD player; Windows Media Player asserted it needed a license, opened some tiny window, in which there was a browser, showing a tiny, clipped (due to the popup's size) version of some music company's homepage. (Presumably that was a deep-link to acquire the license, but since the CD was pressed they reorganized their URL structure?) As I was away for 2 months, and only took my laptop, I literally couldn't listen to that CD for 2 months.