Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dissecting Mirror's Edge

I'm brand new to the inner workings of the Unreal Engine, but this is what I've found works for Mirror's Edge.

Enabling the built-in Mirror's Edge editor!: Folks have gotten the real Unreal Editor mostly working for Mirror's Edge.

UE3PackageViewer: Hands down the nicest and completely open source package viewer found. I've already updated it to work with Mirror's Edge. It can preview DDS images (double-click the Texture2D in the detailed list), and even read compressed packages (.me1 files). I've also added Ogg extraction, and raw dump extraction for unknown data (somewhat broken). WARNING: the program is still full of bugs (and I don't have much motivation to update it any more that I have).

Upk Info: Not quite as extensive package viewer, and doesn't currently work with Mirror's Edge, but it's also open source.

Unreal Model Viewer: Soon to be open-sourced model viewer that works for many Unreal Engine games, including UT3 and Mirror's Edge (Gildor is the man).

Oggextract: Another open-source tool that scans and extracts Ogg files from the packages.

Another Ogg extractor: Closed source Ogg previewer and extractor.

NVidia's content creation tools: Includes DDS image viewers and converters.

Bink RAD tools: To watch and convert all the videos of the game.

3D Ripper DX: Can capture models being rendered by DirectX 9 on Windows XP.


The Beyond Unreal Wiki: Documentation for practically every aspect of older (<= 2004) Unreal Engines.

Mod Authoring for Unreal Tournament 3: Serious documentation is serious.

Other points of interest

UShock: Open source UT2004 level viewer. Doesn't work with Mirror's Edge, but maybe it could be updated to do so.

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