Saturday, February 7, 2009

Unreal 3 Engine Model Extraction

While there is a lot of modding that may be possible with Mirror's Edge, my primary desire is to gain access to the various models of the game.

I have searched high and low, with at least 30 different queries thrown at Google, and several hours of scanning results, but nothing has turned up. No one seems to have a way to extract models from the Unreal 3 Engine. Which suggests that this is the first time anyone has.

Faith MeshIf someone has already found a way to extract models, then I'd be more than happy to be wrong. Thus far my mesh explorations have been hit and miss. This Faith StaticMesh resource (CH_Faith_Cinematic .posedAgain) has easily identifiable vertices and triangle indices, but I can't locate the texture coordinates. The resource right next to this mesh (posedAgain_Shaded) is even less clear. The data is tremendously random, with no obvious patterns. The S_M95 weapon StaticMesh appears to be the same.

After several hours of dead-ends I grew frustrated, so I played Unreal Tournament 3 for the rest of the day :) I'll give it another go eventually, but I don't have much hope in the results.

Update: Gildor's Unreal Mesh Viewer has now been updated to extract Mirror's Edge SekeletalMeshes. These are different from StaticMeshes (like the one above), and they include the bone structure of the model as well. The Faith SkeletalMesh (the one you actually see running around in the game) is in CH_TKY_Crim_Fixer.upk as SK_TKY_Crim_Fixer.

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  1. I was created viewer/extractor for Mirror's Edge skeletal meshes. Look here:
    But I was not found Faith SkeletalMash :(